MacRobertson Air Race

18" x 24"

The 1934 MacRobertson Trophy Air Race was conceived by Sir Harold Smith, Lord Mayor of Melbourne, to celebrate Melbourne's centennial and promote advances in aircraft technology. The race, funded by Australian confectioner Sir MacPherson MacRobertson and organized by the Royal Aero Club, ran from RAF Mildenhall in England to Melbourne, with refuelling stops at Baghdad, Allahabad, Singapore, and Darwin. The winners, with a record time of only 71 hours, were Charles Scott and Tom Black, piloting a custom-built De Havilland DH.88 Comet, Grosvenor House. They were followed less than a day later by the Dutch KLM Douglas DC-2 Uiver and the American Boeing 247 Warner Bros. Comet . The race was instrumental in demonstrating the viability of long-range commercial air transport.